Thursday, June 2, 2011

First Dish Out Announced - July 24th 5:30pm

We all know those people who are dedicated to a service project or ministry to help people. You may be one of those people, if so then you know that it is difficult to get your message out when you are busy doing the work of the project/ministry. The young adults in Fort Worth have recognized that a way to help these small to medium creative projects/ministries is to give them a megaphone to help spread their ideas. We have created a megaphone for these projects/ministries that we are calling: Fort Worth Dish Out (FwDo).

FwDo’s format is simple.
1) For $20, guests gain admission to the event as well as a hearty meal.

2) During Fort Worth Dish Out, guests will have the opportunity to hear presentations by three participants representing a local service project or initiative—all of which have a common theme.

3) Following the presentations, guests will have a chance to vote on the creative project they would most like to see succeed through the help of Fort Worth Dish Out. The project with the most votes receives 60 percent of the night’s net proceeds from ticket and T-shirt sales; the remaining 40 percent is split evenly between the other two projects.

The first FwDo will be Sunday, July 24th 5:30pm-7:30pm at Times Ten Cellars at 1100 Foch Street, Fort Worth. Tickets will be on sale in early July for $20 a piece which will include: food prepared by Chef Allen Lutes, hearty conversation, lively atmosphere, motivating stories, cross pollination of ideas and people, the experience of being a leader in Fort Worth, plus a few surprises up our sleeves for the first 50 people to come register at the door that night.

There are many “friends of” FwDo who have also joined in to help make this a reality. Red Sanders, who attends AHUMC and is the President of Red Productions which took home the “2010 Best in Show” Addy award, is in the works to create a 90 second animation. Chef Lutes’ Blue Tower CafĂ© is providing catering for the FwDo. Times Ten cellars is providing the venue, and young adults of Arlington Heights UMC are providing the leadership. Finally, all the t-shirts, logos and print publications are provided by Austin based Sundaram Design.

The grassroot effort of the FwDo is a part of a larger network around the world called and we are delighted to have a Fort Worth incarnation.

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